Our range


RL4a Lotus Elite road out of production


RL4b Lotus Elite Le Mans out of production


RL4c Lotus Elite Team Elite out of production


RL6 Lotus 33 Clark with engine detail


RL8a Lotus Europa road


RL8b Lotus 47 GLTL


RL10a Lotus 38 Clark Indy Winner


RL10b Lotus 38 Gurney


RL10c Lotus 38 STP


RL10d Lotus 38 STP side tank


RL11 Lotus 56 Hill Indy


RL12a Lotus 56B Turbine F1 GLTL


RL12b Lotus 56B Turbine F1 WW racing


RL15 Lotus Europa Twin-cam


RL16 Lotus Elan Plus 2


RL18 Lotus 7


RL19 Lotus 25 Clark with engine detail


RL19b Lotus 25 BRM


RL21 Lotus Elan SE


RL23 Lotus Lotus Elan Plus 2 Cabriolet out of production


RL27a Lotus 18 Moss Monaco


RL27b Lotus 18 Clark


RL28 Lotus Elan FHC out of production


RL29 Lotus Elan DHC out of production


RL30a Lotus 49 Clark Dutch GP


RL30b Lotus 49 Clark South Africa


RL30c Lotus 49B Hill Monaco


RL30d Lotus 49B Siffert Rob Walker


RL31a Lotus 49B Hill Mexico


RL31c Lotus 49C Rindt Monaco


RL32 Lotus Elan M200 show car out of production


RL34 Lotus 30 Clark


RL35 Lotus 40 Clark


RL46 Lotus 30 S2 out of production


RL57a Lotus 29 Clark Indy


RL57b Lotus 29 Gurney


RL58a Lotus 34 Clark Indy


RL58b Lotus 34 Gurney Indy


RL58c Lotus 34 Foyt


RL60 Lotus Esprit GT1


RL69 Lotus 16 Hill


RL80a Lotus 21 Ireland


RL80b Lotus 21 Clark


RL80c Lotus 21 Moss


RL81a Lotus 18/21 Moss Rob Walker


RL81b Lotus 18/21 Moss UDT Goodwood


RL88 Lotus 19 UDT Moss


RL94 Lotus 12 Hill


RL95 Lotus 63 4WD


RL96 Lotus 64 Clark


RL103 Lotus 23 Clark


RL104 Lotus 24 BRM UDT


RL105 Lotus 48 GLTL Clark


RL109 Lotus 6


V1 Lotus 23 Clark


SRC12 Lotus 88 De Angells


SRC13 Lotus 88B Mansell


SRC40 Lotus 43 H16 BRM Clark


CL21 Lotus Carlton


CL45 Lotus Esprit S4 currently out of production


CL47 Lotus Esprit Sport 300 currently out of production


CL53 Lotus Elise S1 currently out of production


CL56 Lotus Esprit Turbo currently out of production


CL57 Lotus Esprit V8 Currently out of production


CL99 Lotus Esprit S1


CL100 Lotus Esprit S2


CL101 Lotus Esprit S3 Turbo



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